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Keep NSW Beautiful Community Litter Grants

National Landcare Funding Oct 2017
National Landcare Program funding
10 October 2017
Squirrel Glider Surveying and Spotlighting at Coal Point
3 November 2017

Keep NSW Beautiful Community Litter Grants

Keep NSW Beautiful Community Litter Grants 2017



Are you fed up with litter in your local area? Or maybe you’re part of a group who are already do
ing something to clean up your neighbourhood, but could do with some extra funds to help out?

Litter is a universal issue. Understanding why litter occurs in a particular location is necessary to tackling the problem at its root.

Community Litter Grants started in 2013 to equip locals with tools and resources to implement litter solutions in their neighbourhoods.

Who Can Receive a Grant?

The grant is designed for community volunteer groups. If you’re not sure whether your group is eligible, ask us about eligibility guidelines! Contact us on (02) 8594 4000 or email!

Apply now! Applications open until all grant funds have been allocated

Visit our GETTING STARTED page to learn more about the grants and get cracking on your own project!

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded by the waste levy.

Click here to visit the NSW EPA website to discover more about their litter prevention programs.