Hunter Intrepid Landcare - Watagans Mycology Workshop Results

Hunter Intrepid Landcare – Watagans Mycology Workshop Results

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Facilitated by Hunter Region Landcare Network’s workshop grants, through funding from Hunter Local Land Services, Hunter Intrepid Landcare ran a successful Mycology Workshop at Olney State Forest on Saturday, May 14th, 2022.

In collaboration with Urban Botanica Collective (, amateur mycologist, Monty Sharma, led a mushroom walk and talk – identifying key fungi genera and their processes. Attendees spotted 10’s of different kinds of fungi in a short creekline walk from ‘The Pines’ Campground, including a mix of native and ‘exotic’ fungus. 

Attendees and campers were dwarfed by towering Slash Pines (Pinus elliottii) – a relic of trial plantings from the 1920’s and 30’s for commercial logging practice, which now sit happily amongst native rainforest and bushland. 

The walk was followed by a mushroom soup feast, where attendees continued to exchange knowledge and debrief after the workshop- reporting that they enjoyed “having a meal with everyone and being able to chat,” and “meeting like-minded young people.” 

Just like plants and animals, fungi can be a vehicle for greater connection with landscape and Country. Event organiser and Coordinating member of Hunter Intrepid Landcare, Gabrielle, found a new appreciation for the Pinus elliottii giants – no longer viewing them as out of place exotics, but a species that supports Saffron Milk Caps! 

The event was booked out, with double the interest than anticipated, indicating positive prospects for similar events in the future. 

Collaborative events with groups such as Hunter Intrepid Landcare, help to broaden the reach of Landcare, engage with environmentally-focused youth and channel them into on-ground conservation works. 

This event was funded by the Hunter Region Landcare Network workshop grants for member groups. If you have an idea for a Landcare workshop, don’t hesitate to apply!

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