Helping Scientists Control Lantana

Helping Scientists Control Lantana – Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain

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Do you have Lantana camara in your backyard or on your property? Our scientists are documenting patterns in Lantana’s genetic diversity across Australia and need your help.

Lantana camara is a widespread shrub with colourful flowers. It’s poisonous to people and livestock, invades native ecosystems, fuels bushfires, and costs land managers more than $22 million each year – so it’s not one you want sticking around.

It can grow on roadsides, woodlands, fence lines, riverbanks and more. Originally sold as an ornamental plant, it’s since spread across NSW and Queensland.

It is a poisonous, non-native weed that scientists are working to control by understanding its genetic make-up – and they need help from collaborators to make it happen…”

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