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We are all aware of the challenges that farmers face to provide us with our food and fibre resources. We hear and see things on the news about the perils of bushfire, pests, drought and flood. These severe weather events and natural disasters impact rural communities through loss of production, loss of jobs and the cost of recovering from the damage they cause.

The ‘Farm Force’ Enviro-Stories program involves rural kids from the Hunter region learning about the importance of good preparation to try and help make their farm more resilient and reduce the impacts of bushfire, pests, drought and flood. This will enable them to help their families prepare both now and, in the future, when they become the next generation of property managers.

The ‘Farm Force’ program will provide rural kids the opportunity to:

  • reflect on their experiences of bushfire, pests, drought and flood
  • learn about things that they and their families can do to prepare their property for the future, making them more resilient and lessening the impact of these disasters
  • express themselves through their stories and artwork to possibly contribute to an Enviro-Stories book
  • learn from their peers as the books created will become a resource for the community

Visit the Farm Force website for all the details on how to get involved.

Farm Force