1995 – Present

We started as a group of residents concerned with maintaining the remnant bushland reserve spaces in our area. Following a survey and planning we began restoring what was there, re-vegetating the damaged areas and restoring the creek line and riparian zone. The core members still participate actively.


 Working in and around Blue Wren Creek, Hasluck Drive Reserve and Rosedale Crescent Reserve in Rankin Park the main focuses are weed control, creek bed control, riparian vegetation, erosion, biodiversity restoration and maintaining genetic diversity of flora.


Our creek works have resulted in major reduction in runoff, siltation and downstream damage. We have seen the return of 5 terrestrial orchid species and one epiphyte species. Our group is the recipient of more than a dozen environmental awards and significant grant awards to achieve the completed works. Some of the benefits of being involved in Landcare include community spirit and friendships that gather common-interest people, developing young people’s interests and drawing in groups like the Scouts have been rewarding. Additionally, continuous learning from numerous sources also inspire us to continue.







Big Wins

Planting more than 12,000 trees, shrubs and grasses over the last 24 years resulting in restoration of vegetation communities, ecosystem repair and increased habitat for native fauna, particularly birds.






The changes in weather have significant effects that must be adapted to. The creek stability suffers from too narrow a riparian strip. Additionally, an ageing volunteer group makes it hard to maintain numbers.