Project Achievements

Community tree planting at historic reserve

Hunter Region Landcare Network received a grant from the Communities Environment program to continue work regenerating the Lower Hunter Valley Dry Rainforest endangered ecological community after previous project funding finished.

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Glendonbrook Remnant and Riparian Restoration Project

Click the link below to view and download the document about this project. It is a very large file. View, Print and Download [2.38 MB]... read more

“Fitzroy” on Martindale Road

“Fitzroy” on Martindale Road is the final property in the 9 Valley Wildlife project View, Print and Download [1.17 MB]  ... read more

9 Valley Wildlife trail Pilot Project

The 9 Valleys Wildlife Corridor in the Upper Hunter (Jerry’s Plains to Giants Creek) is arguably one of the most diverse and species rich areas in the Hunter region comprising of multiple native vegetation communities endemic to the area. View, Print and Download... read more

1971 Martindale Road

1971 Martindale Road is one of the properties in the 9 Valley Wildlife Corridor Project View, Print and Download [1.46... read more

1875 Martindale Road

The Martindale Road sites have been recognised for their significant ecological values and identified management requirements to improve condition, connectivity and resilience of native vegetation communities and their habitat. View, Print and Download [1.81... read more

Property Report 1611 Martindale Road

The 9 Valleys Project engaged directly with the Martindale community through an information session, site assessments and a technical workshop to identify existing biodiversity values and opportunities to retain, protect and enhance these values through suitable... read more

Property Report – 400 Bureen Road

The 9 Valley Wildlife Trail encompasses Jerry’s Plains, Martindale and Sandy Hollow areas. These sites have been recognised for their significant ecological values and identified management requirements to improve condition, connectivity and resilience of native... read more

HRLN 2016-2017 Achievements

Read about the achievements of HRLN through the LLCI program this past year View, Print and Download [7.47... read more

The Fern & the Burn…The Movie

On April 6th 2016 a patch of bushland off Stansfield Close went up in smoke. The Hazard Reduction Burn was conducted to protect property and generate environmental outcomes, particularly trying to reduce the Asparagus Fern, Privets and Olives that had escaped from... read more

Hunter Region Landcare Network Summary for 2016 report

Hunter Region Landcare Network Committee has been instrumental in the establishment of three coordinator positions in the Hunter Valley, as part of the NSW Landcare program that has seen coordinators placed in localities throughout the state as part of a three year... read more

River Red Gum Project Update 19 September 2015

HRLN River Red Gum Project Report for AGM 19th September 2015 Over the past year, the number of plantings have been reduced because of the cancellation of the Tocal Field Days in May. This event is the major point for contact with people to provide tube stock and to... read more

Regent Honey Eater Report 2015

Recently, Congewai Valley Landcare Inc received a small grant of $1500 to use for establishment of further habitat for the critically endangered Regent Honey Eater. This medium sized bird used to be prolific along the East Coast but with habitat disappearing numbers... read more

Lesser Known Plants of the Hunter Valley

by Noel Jupp OAM, Dip Hort, QP Dept Ag and Fisheries NOTE: To view images of species listed below scroll down to the attached PDF document. View, Print and Download [1.39 MB] Introduction About 65,000,000 years ago Australia was still joined to Antarctica, South... read more

One hundred thousand Plants: Warners Bay Landcare 2000-2015

Project Partners Landcare Resource Centre and LMCC Australian Government (and past funding programs through NHT and Caring for Our Country). NSW Government (and past funding programs through CMA) Riparian Sites Background Warners Bay Landcare works to regenerate a... read more

Lake Macquarie Landcare Group Casestudies

Wetland sites Belmont Wetlands Sustainability Project – Belmont Lagoon (Belmont South) Friends of Belmont Wetlands Landcare – Belmont Wetlands State Park *updated* Lake Macquarie Coastal Wetlands Park (Redhead, Belmont, Pelican, Swansea) Lakeside Drive... read more

Making Degraded Soils Productive with Compost

Soil erosion is a significant environmental issue throughout the Hunter Valley. Low soil fertility, salinity, sodicity (high levels of sodium) and poor soil structure mean that these soils are inherently prone to degradation, leading to loss of topsoil and the... read more